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The objective of this course is to impart the necessary skills for successful crew teamwork, to be able to control multi-pilot helicopters as pilot in command or co-pilot, under visual- and flirt hunter kostenlos flight rules The focus shall be on the single passenger helicopter cooperation during possible normal- abnormal- and emergency situations.

Our multi-crew-cooperation course is approved by the federal aviation authority.

single passenger helicopter

Our MCC instructors have broad experience in multi-pilot single passenger helicopter operations. Most of them are even flight instructors on multi-pilot helicopters.

With the new generation coaxial rotor system — patented in USA and Italy already — eliminating the requirement for a conventional tail rotor, the new RotorSchmiede VA ultralight is a very safe helicopter. The autorotation characteristics of the co-axial rotor system coupled with innovative design features like the new freewheel unit, centrifugal clutch and blade locking system are all important measures towards safer flight operations. As a full-fledged helicopter with outstanding flight characteristics, the RotorSchmiede VA ultralight positions itself clearly above the gyrocopter scene.

Depending on the type, used during the practical training, the flown hours are an essential experience, cherished by aviation companies and single passenger helicopter.

The course consists of three parts: Part 1 — Teaching and learning behaviour The single passenger helicopter shall comprise at least 25 hours. Part 2 — Technical Training The technical theoretical training shall comprise at least 10 hours.

single passenger helicopter

If a TRI permission for multi-pilot helicopters shall be acquired, a special emphasis should be placed on the cooperation of the flight crew. Final evaluation of the competence as TRI The evaluation of the competence of instructors for type ratings TRI H is effected by means of the relevant sections of the practical examination for FI, i.

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Flight briefing, flight exercise main exercise with additional practicesde-briefing and questions regarding the helicopter systems. This course shall impart the necessary basic knowledge to guarantee a successful participation in a mulit engine type rating.

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Requirements for the MET H course The participation in this course requires that single passenger helicopter attendant has at least 70 flight hours as PIC on helicopters or that he can prove that this experience will be reached by the start of the intended type rating course. Training Volume The course is composed of a theoretical training in the classroom.

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